the plan


Fiscal Accountability

It could not be more evident that we need Fiscal Accountability.  With our current water bill crisis, now more than ever we need our elected officials to be accountable to the constituents that they serve.  When Jai is elected, he intends to build a bridge between staff and council to better communicate challenges that come up and how to correct them.  Surprises may come, but it is how you address them that matters.  A balanced budget is important, but not at the cost of the people.


public Safety

  Public Safety is always is top of mind for everyone and is of the utmost priority.  It falls to local government to provide that security in Fire and Police protection.  Jai's plan includes continuing to encourage our civil servants to have weekly meet and greet opportunities to build trust, confidence and familiarity.

Jai plans to have regular meetings with the heads of our public safety organizations to ensure that they have what they need to continue to do an award-winning job.



One of Jai's most sensitive issues is mobility.  Mobility is key in creating a welcoming environment for new Pearlanders.  Construction is inevitable with growth, as we grow we not only need to maintain our transportation system, but we will need to anticipate growth and the needs of future Pearlanders.  

Using other successful cities as examples, Jai plans on engaging those cities with similar traffic congestion issues and using their experience to help us craft a plan to move forward.  Jai will partner with staff and other departments that are impacted by mobility and transportation.  


economic development


Economic Development is crucial to maintain property values and encourage growth in Pearland.  Jai is interested in encouraging growth by partnering with our surrounding cities to identify what resources need to be available and then work with our EDC board to go after those companies and create an urgency in them to become apart of our great community.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are what currently drives the economy here in Pearland.  Jai will work with staff and administrative resources to continue to encourage interest and participation on a local level.  


Total community engagement

It takes everyone to make a community work, and we all have to work together to accomplish our common goal: to make Pearland the best it can be.  When elected, Jai will continue to create opportunities such as regular town hall meetings and meet and greets where the community can engage the decision makers. He hopes all citizens will be encouraged to attend such events to promote open dialog.